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February 14 2018

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February 12 2018

February 09 2018

Dizzying Geometric Pies and Tarts by Lauren Ko

Lauren Ko brings mathematical precision to her baking, using elaborate intertwined patterns to form transfixing patterns to the top of her homemade pies and tarts. The Seattle-based amateur baker has been piecrafting for just a couple of years, she tells Mic, and if you’re wondering, this is her favorite pie crust recipe. Ko combines classic crusts with colorful fillings like blueberries, kumquats, purple sweet potatoes, and pluots to create her visually striking sweets. You can follow her on Instagram.

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ich nutze die 8 Wochen Ferien produktiv und vor allem sinnvoll
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February 08 2018

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January 28 2018

January 23 2018

January 19 2018

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January 14 2018

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January 09 2018

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December 22 2017

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Jellyfish in a Tree
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