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April 04 2018

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April 03 2018

March 31 2018

March 29 2018

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March 27 2018

March 21 2018

March 19 2018

March 11 2018

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March 10 2018

Two Anonymous Students Sneak Into A Classroom Every Week And Literally Blow Everyone’s Mind

var imagebase='file://D:/Program Files (x86)/FeedReader/'; Two Anonymous Students Sneak Into A Classroom Every Week And Literally Blow Everyone’s Mind 15:25 07.03.2018, World Of Mysteries, amazing, World Of Technology Two college students from Columbia college of art and design are creating quite a mess, but not in the literal way, they are being talked about in the entire school.they dont steal or cheat, instead they create a creative riot , they call themself Dangerdust and every week they sneak into a classroom and create a masterpiece out of nothing but chalk .

Its not surprise that the pair are seniors in advertising and graphic design and they are most likely swamp with home work and studies , but they still find the time to do their weekly chalk art , the two creates the most amazing art pieces you will ever see.

Every Sunday or monday morning the magic is happening

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March 09 2018

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March 08 2018


The Houses of Prickly Mountain, Part 1: David Sellers, Tack House, 1966

Named for its shape, which comes to one of Sellers’ signature sharp points and pricks the sky, this was the first house of the Prickly Mountain era. As the original case study, it was built with no blueprints beyond a rough sketch of the foundation — and with Sellers and his classmate Bill Rienecke acting as client, developer, architect, and contractor. Stairs appeared where they made sense, Plexiglas formed windows that conformed to the curves and angles of the walls, and cast-off materials became aesthetic focal points.

Not without its quirks (like a refrigerator jutting outside through the wall) and ultra-high stairs that have been known to trip people up, it was the beginning of the design/build movement. One of the defining characteristics of the design/build movement is the way structures grow organically. Sinks are shaped to fit their environment; Plexiglas windows curve based on need. Interiors follow the same sensibility, and the space becomes an aesthetic hodgepodge. Exteriors showcase the inventive geometry that dominates homes on Prickly Mountain. Inside, a staircase twists and turns with abnormally large steps to get from below to above.

See the full series here.

Text and images by Collective Quarterly, via Sight Unseen

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March 06 2018

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March 01 2018

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February 27 2018

February 24 2018

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February 23 2018

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