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February 08 2018

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January 28 2018

January 23 2018

January 19 2018

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January 14 2018

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January 09 2018

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December 22 2017

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Jellyfish in a Tree
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December 19 2017

December 18 2017

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December 17 2017

Artist Collaborates With 4-Year-Old To Create Surrealist Portraits

var imagebase='file://D:/Program Files (x86)/FeedReader/'; Artist Collaborates With 4-Year-Old To Create Surrealist Portraits 15:19 16.12.2017, World Of Mysteries, amazing, World Of Technology When illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks pulled out a new sketchbook she had specially ordered, she was apprehensive. The reason of her worry was her 4-year-old daughter who was playing nearby. Mrs. Hendricks knew exactly what’s going to happen – her daughter would crave for her new sketchbook and beg to use it. Sure enough, no sooner had she drawn a lady’s head, her daughter caught a glimpse of the sketchbook and implored her mother to let her finish the artwork. Mrs. Hendricks relented, and thus began a strange new collaboration between a professional artist and a kid.

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November 19 2017

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November 16 2017

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