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May 22 2015

May 04 2015

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Den Garten ins Wohnzimmer holen II
bzw hier: den Partysommer ;·)
Material: kaputte Warnweste
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How to learn Morse Code

April 26 2015

April 21 2015

Did you just make a character selection menu out of plastic cups???
Soup needs more of this
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April 19 2015

Street Art Wrocław
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March 27 2015

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March 22 2015

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March 21 2015

March 16 2015


March 14 2015

March 09 2015

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March 06 2015

Die schrecklichen Folgen des Kastensystems

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March 03 2015

How to reactivate a broken light bulb.

A bartender showed me how he does that to save precious light blubs, which are threatend due to european union (and many other countries) rules.

When the wire structure inside the not working light bulb is still in shape and just its connection at one position is broken, just take the switched on bulb and lift it up until the contact of the broken ends gets re-established.
Wait in this position (i.e. while the bulb shines again), so that the ends can melt together.
— The nice light connects us
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