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September 25 2016

September 23 2016

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September 21 2016

September 17 2016

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September 15 2016

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September 14 2016

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September 03 2016

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August 30 2016

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ASMR gnocchi manufacturing
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August 24 2016

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August 23 2016

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August 22 2016

August 17 2016

How to make succulent babies!



Step 1: Pick leaves
Gently twist the leaf near the base, it should snap off the plant cleanly. Good cuttings will be slightly rounded at the ends, and have no ‘open’ wound:


Bad cuttings will not grow, you need to make sure the whole leaf comes off in one go. Bad leaves are jagged, torn, or cut:


Step 2: Lay all cuttings inside on a piece of cloth.
I usually put a piece of old scrap material down on my desk and lie all the leaves out in rows. I try not to pile up the leaves, as this tends to promote rot. Do not water at all. AKA no misting the leaves, no watering the leaves, nothing. Everything the baby succulent needs to grow is stored in the mother leaf, watering may rot the leaf before the new plant is big enough to survive on its own! Make sure the leaves aren’t in direct sun, as they will wither before they form new plants. Filtered light from a window is strong enough!


Step 3: Waiting
After about 4 weeks you will start to see the first signs of life. The leaf may send out roots first, it may start to grow with no roots. Both are okay! 


Step 4: Planting (Start watering once a week at this stage)
After 6-8 weeks the baby succulents will be big enough to plant outside! I do this by placing the leaves on top of loose, sandy soil that has not been compacted. I do not bother burying the leaves, as it tends to do more harm than good (you may snap roots/damage new shoots in the process):


I place all the plants together, they don’t really seem to mind! These is how they look after about 10 weeks:


When the plants are big enough, the mother leaf will shrivel up and start to die off:


TADA! You’ve created baby succulents :)

I’m sorry, this is a very beautifully illustrated, informative plant post, but every time I read “Make succulent babies” I put the emphasis on the wrong part of the phrase and expect something.. very… different.

August 15 2016

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August 06 2016

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August 05 2016

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Ein fluoreszierender Boomerang zum Selbermachen | Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

August 04 2016

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July 31 2016

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Primitive Technology: Forge Blower
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