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February 17 2019

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January 09 2019

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January 06 2019

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November 02 2018


How To Make Rope From Grass

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October 16 2018

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October 09 2018

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October 03 2018

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October 02 2018

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August 21 2018

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July 31 2018

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July 25 2018

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Paris, France.
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July 24 2018

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good news everyone: i can now do cellular automata on sunflower spirals. it currently only supports 2-state, 2-neighbour CAs, so there are 16 in total. but every CA with an even number is completely black, because the initial cell is black (0).

the image you see here was creates by: https://opensofias.github.io/sunflowerspiral/#angle:1.618033988749895,po2:12,color:'c9',dotSize:1 and is arguably the most interesting of the bunch.

it's kinda like an expanding universe. arguably.

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July 19 2018

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July 15 2018

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July 11 2018

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